"The past has taught us a lot, but we realize that some processes have to be changed: if before we attended the numerous trade shows to meet new prospects and convince them of our value, today we are ourselves in first person to bring the name of Nardi Gold around the world. The direct commercial approach we have adopted is giving the results we hoped for and we intend to follow this path to the end ".



Founded in 1981 and counted among the great names of the Arezzo goldsmith district, Nardi Gold is now known worldwide for the processing of solid chains in gold, silver and gold filled available in stock or finished, in all titles, thicknesses and colors .

It is hard to imagine what the founder of the Company thought of his own future, when he began his entrepreneurial adventure: perhaps he had a dream to realize, a project that would bring together family, collaborators, employees and social fabric. So at the head of what is now a consolidated reality there is a family group with the same ideals of the past; passion for their work, sacrifice, open dialogue extended to the entire company.

Nardi Gold is not just a surname or a company name. it is the sum of its resources: a reality that identifies itself with the human force that composes it. Empowerment, determination, energy and passion: those working in Nardi Gold know that they are part of an ambitious project, of a story that is being written in real time, of a challenge that has been going on for 30 years and that has yet to know its more intense aspects.

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